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Men's Ministry
Jail/Prison Ministry
Preaching one time service, all day, extended days or all week. (a revival). Any topic requested by the contact person(s) and led by the Holy Spirit. 
As an ordained and licensed minister and ordained senior chaplain, Rev. Jay Maltby takes care to provide guidance and direction by scriptures from the Holy Bible, God's divine Holy Word. Please contact by phone or E-Mail and he will respond as soon possible.

Rev. Jay provides a variety of services including:

​Request ministering at least two hours, followed by alter calls and prayer. Spiritual, physical, emotional and marital healing by God is expected. Prefer assistance from your church leadership especially for groups over fifty people.
Security clearance and invitation in letter form from the Jail or Prison Administrator or authorized person is required before setting up a jail or prison visitation or ministry schedule.
If you have any question concerning Jay Maltby Ministries, please don't hesitate to contact by phone or Email. Rev. Jay only ministers from the Holy Bible, the uncircumcised Word of God and salvation by Jesus Christ only. We believe that the traditions and the opinions of man, spoken "as the Word of God", actually make a message ineffective. Thus said, he will only minister your topic according to The Bible.
 Rev. Jay Maltby
For prayer requests, letters or donations please mail to:
  Jay Maltby Ministries
  P.O. Box 1341
  Denver City Texas, 79323
Or call:
  (806) 592-8147. Please leave a message if we are   unavailable and we will return your call ASAP. 
Jay Maltby Ministries can provide a portable baptism tank in this ministry upon request.